My Beach Caddie Custom Beach Carts

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   Looking for the
   Ultimate Beach Companion?
   You Found it!    
   My Beach Caddie
   Custom Beach Carts
   Simple Design,
   Easy to load
   and Easy to Push!

Make My Beach Day with My Beach Caddie
Custom Beach Carts . . .

No lugging, no sweating, nor overheating required!

My Beach Caddie Custom Beach Carts have the capacity to carry all of your necessary beach items, while you use little to no effort to push it down to the water’s edge for a fun-filled day! The Beach Caddie pictured below carries: a full sized tent, 9 beach chairs, multiple water rafts, beach umbrella, 16 gallon cooler, oversized beach bag, fishing equipment, fishing rods, beach games and more!

my Beach Caddie Logo

   Be the life center of the beach party
   and the envy of all your neighbors!

   WARNING: Beach Caddie is for the transport
   of material tems only. Riding by children and adults
   is not advised. Beach safely!

My Beach Caddie Custom Beach Carts Are Made in U.S.A. with Quality Materials. Patent Pending.

  my beach caddie on the beach   my beach caddie side view

  my beach caddie wide view